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Commercial Improvement and Facility Management

Being a trusted commercial renovation company in British Columbia, we know how to bring old and outdated commercial buildings to life again with our expert renovation, remodelling, and improvement services. We take pride in our ability to create luxurious, modern, and spacious properties that are just WOW.


Commercial Improvement

Anilson Construction Ltd. is your reliable renovation partner based in British Columbia having a team of expert renovators who knows the ins and outs of a commercial improvement project and deliver services that exceeds expectations.

We understand that every commercial space has unique requirements, which is why we follow a personalised approach to each improvement project and keep you in sync every step of the way. We ensure all our commercial improvement projects add aesthetic and functional value to your commercial space. We excel at:

Facility Management

As a self-performing facility management company in British Columbia, we are dedicated towards taking care of your facility needs so you can focus on your business, not your building. As we aim at being “self-performing,” it means that your building is our business.

We are committed to quality, safety, efficiency, and cost control. Not only this, we have the deep expertise, the equipment, and the know-how to do it all. Leveraging our experience in project management and renovation, we provide a diverse range of facility management services which complement existing commercial property. We assist with:

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